Cisco Networking Academy
Wall of Fame

Cisco Logo Students who are listed on the SWIC Wall of Fame have completed the Network Associate Certificate and possess the related professional certification, the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), from Cisco Systems, Inc.

Currently, the Network Associate Certificate includes:

  • CISC-131, Cisco Network Fundamentals
  • CISC-132, Cisco Routing Protocols and Concepts
  • CISC-133, Cisco LAN Switching & Wireless
  • CISC-134, Cisco Accessing the WAN

These four courses are part of the Cisco Networking Academy. The courses use a combination of Web-based and instructor-led learning, in addition to hands-on labs, to teach students how to design, build and maintain computer networks. For more details about the Cisco Networking Academy at SWIC, visit The website for the Cisco Networking Academy is

The CCNA certification validates the skills necessary to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size networks with connections to LAN devices and remote sites. The exam consists of several networking protocols including Internet Protocol (IP), Ethernet, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Frame Relay, and Routing Information Protocol (RIP, RIPv2). Other topics, such as basic mitigation of security threats, introductory wireless concepts, VLANs, and Access Control Lists (ACLs), are also included.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certifications are valid for three years.

To contact SWIC for additional information, e-mail or call 866-942-SWIC (7942), ext 7374.

Jamie Audley Michael Banuelos Zachary Ball Brad Baranowski Stephen Backhus Dustin Barry Jason Bartlett Evan Berry Matt Birk Shawn Blavesciunas Jayson Bollengier Ryan Bosick Barry Bozarth Josh Brimm Colin Britsch Arik Browning Mike Brumitt Thomas Chittenden II Michael Clatterbuck Mark Clark Jeff Clouse Mike Clover Josh Colyer Brandon Corbin Clayton Cravens Tallin Curran Jerry Davis Richard Debrobander Mike DeRousse Matt Dettenmeier Caleb Dick D.S. Dickerson Charles Duckworth Jacob Fillingim Max Fleming Eric Farson John Freely John Futrell Matthew Gaston Paul George David Geringer Kyle Gillespie Jason Goodwin Brian Granado Jennifer Greer Jordan Gregory Ian Gudmestad Jeffery Haney Jeff Hargis Eugene 'Geno' Hedges Kacy Hicks Tim Hobby Natalie Holeman Keith Israel Brian Jackson John Jelinek Russell Jenkins Mark Johnson Ed Jones John Jones Steve Jones Andrew Juengel Meagan Kellner Kyle Kielty Richard King David Kirchner Mike Knaus Zak Komoromi Beth Kriete Mike Kronk Matthew Keuker Sean Kuehnel Erich Lackey Joseph Langley Terry Largent Chris Lauchner Keith Leidy Mark Maddox Kevin Mallory Sam Marshall Steven Martin Henry McConnell Michael McDaniel Mike McGuire Shawn McKinney Brett McLaughlin Pat Miller Eugene Melton Eric Muckensturm Norman Muelleman Jr. James Myint Kirk Nemeth Thomas Odom Brandon Osborne Sherman Owens Jerry Pardieck Samuel Parker Ryan Peterson Patrick Petrowske Charles Phillips Joseph Pieper Kenneth Pinkerton Gregory Pringle Derrick Quigley Rick Quigley David Rayle Scott Ramage Garrett Reilmann Jeremy Reuter Richard Rose Micheal Rosenberger Jeremy Rouse William Rymer Larry Runge John Schiber Nathan Schneider Stanley Schomaker Michael Schorn Jonathon Schultz Laura Sensel Thomas Shackelford Rick Sharpe Luke Shepherd Dustin Shrout Eric Sigman Jason Smith Patrick Sommer Timothy Stacey Timothy Steinmann II Amy Stidham Joseph Taylor Andrew Tidwell Nathan Toennies Ryan Trokey Anna Unger Jared Urban Kim Vietmeier Andrea Virga Brian Wallace Nathan Walter Paul Washburn Aldrand Wayland David Webb Clayton Werner Steve Werths Charles White Derrek White Quentin White Harold Wright Jr. Sam Wuellner Casey Wyman Eric Young Nicholas Zimmer
Not pictured:
Hans E. Hiltl, Julie Hovick, William L. Walker, Joshua T. Halliday, William B. Roe, Mandi K. Parkerson